Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About 24 Sussex Drive, The Game

"A dapper yet playful Quebecois intellectual burst onto Canada's political scene in the mid-60s. His delightful antics coupled with a razor-sharp intellect charmed a nation. For the first time a Canadian politician exchanged both debate as well as kisses with adoring voters. Trudeaumania took hold of a nation ready to mould a new and more exciting identity."--from the CBC

24 Sussex Drive is a political simulation game about running a successful election campaign, and ultimately becoming the next Prime Minister.

Go on admit it. You`ve sometimes fantasized about being Prime Minister. Now is you chance to see if you can run a successful political campaign and be elected as the prime minister of Canada. Can you emulate Trudeau,
or will you be another Robert Stanfield? Can you be elected more than once, or are you more of a Joe Clark?

What is 24 Sussex Drive? That is the address of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada.

The game by the same title is about the quadreennial struggle of one man or women to become the leader of the great nation called Canada.

No two games will ever be alike. Every candidate is different, and every election differs in terms of events that occur and the issues
that are important.

Many players can play, each representing a minor and major political party of Canada. Independant candidates can be represented as well. Minor parties and can help major parties win an election, thus claiming partial victory themselves.

My hope is that with this simple, but interesting game, you will get a feel for what it takes to become the Prime Minister of Canada.